Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fish Curry

This is most popular konkani dish.There are 2 types of fish curry,one of them is Teppel ambat,(teppel ,Sichuan pepper ) and the other is alle piyav ambat.(with ginger and onions)

Fishes like Sardines,Mackeral are used for this dish.The gravy tastes great when prepared very spicy.The masala should be ground to a very smooth paste to get best taste.
Grated coconut1/2 cup
Red chilies 3-4 nos
Tamarind Extract
Grind Coconut,redchillies and tamarind into a very fine paste.Add a teaspoon of water along with teppal and slightly crush with pestle(until the juice comes out from the teppal)
Heat the Ground Masala with sufficient quantity of water to get a gravy.Add teppal ,salt and cook till the gravy starts boiling.Now add fish(do not add fish before this if you do so the fish gets overcooked by the gravy is cooked)Fish takes around 5-10 mins to cook completely.Serve hot with Rice.

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