Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vada Pav

1. Vada Stuffing:
1 Cup of boiled and mashed potatoes
Cumin seeds-1 spn
Greenchilles -2
Cilantro -2 sprigs
Tumeric powder

Add cuminseeds,a pinch of tumeric powder ,finely chopped greenchillies ,cilantro and salt to the boiled potatoes and make it into golf size balls .

2. Vada Coating Mixture: 
1 cup of chickpeas flour
2 tbspn  rice flour
2 tbspn chillypowder
Pinch of asafoteida(hing)
Salt .

Mix all the above the ingredients with water into a smooth paste without any lumps.(chickpea batter generally tends to have lumps when added water to it.To avoid this mix all the dry ingredients first into smooth powder and then add water and mix it into a smooth paste).
3.Vada Preparation:
Heat oil in a pan .Make golf size balls from the above mixture .Dip into the coating mixture and deep fry in the hot oil .Then serve it sandwiched between two breads.

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